Pop Songs

by The Hai

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"Pop Songs" is a collection featuring original interpretations of popular music by The Hai. It is also the group's first compilation and first official release.


released January 1, 2012


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



The Hai Finland

The Hai is a collective made up of musicians from different parts of the world; having all joined together with the intent of helping each other produce, promote, and release their music.

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Track Name: Somnitone - I've Decided I'm Never Gonna Screw Up Again
Woke up to a terrible ache
All I could take
Wasn't just the physical pain
Playing in my head again

The ringing in my ears is not
From the music and the fun
It's a reminder I've got
Of all the things that can't be undone

I've decided I'm never gonna screw up again
I'm so excited, I'm never gonna mess up again

Now the future looks quite bright
I'm gonna put it all behind
And stay indoors every night
I'm gonna be out of sight

Why would you make a mistake
And live with it the rest of your life?
So I decided no more for me
I won't be embarrassed, you'll see
Track Name: New Motive Power - Guilty Pleasure
Sometimes I can't find the things that I wanna do
One thing that I'm sure (I'm what you've been asking for)
You're going to rock my world (That's what I've been looking for)

I can't wait to have you in my arms
Something tells me this will be alright

There's something about you girl that makes me wanna go crazy
And I'm going to rock your world keeping you satisfied, yeah

Something tells me this will be alright
I won't leave until you're satisfied
Track Name: A Problem Like Maria - Dear Professor
Sir, won't you be the Montague
to my helpless Capulet?
Count Paris is a quarterback, yes,
but I'd rather be your Juliet.

Dear Professor,
you are the cadence to my rhyme.
I should confess, Sir;
I think about you all the time.

If you were Heathcliff, for sure
I, as Catherine, would endure.
I wouldn't marry Mr. Linton, no Sir.
I would always wanna be your girl.

You are the structure, the sonnet.
I lay my heart upon it.
Dear Professor; I confess, Sir.
Won't you be mine?
Track Name: Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack - Think About You
And when I fell against the floor
You gave me the things that you adored
You got the world to start to sing
You gave me every little thing

Why am I creeping to your door
With the advice that I ignored
Back with my head up in the clouds
Oh god I just know you're gonna hate me now

Focus on every little flaw
I'd rather whimper and withdraw
You're still as sweet as you're bizarre
Don't need me to tell you who you are

Why am I creeping to your door
With the advice that I ignored
Crawl back more humble now than proud
Still scared to death you're gonna hate me now

I never learned from my mistakes
Why do you follow every risk I take

Long ago curled up in your spine
I caught a glimpse of the divine
Of course it vanished over time
It choked on all your words and died

I won't be creeping to your door
With the advice that you ignored
I'm not as angry as you're loud
Are you satisfied you get to hate me now

I never learn from my mistakes
Your eyes were open and awake
Go on till something breaks

When you hit enlightenment
Your sea to shining sea
When you get your promised land
Whatever you do don't think about me

When you find the edge of the world
A place you never want to leave
If you find nirvana there
Whatever you do don't think about me
Track Name: Flying Batteries - You're All I Want (feat. Snailhead)
Hey what is that you see
Up ahead and facing me
She turns around to look
Adjusts her glasses and stares

There's nothing up ahead
There's nothing where we came
All that we need is right here right now

Hey when I am with you
There's nothing I want more
Than to look into your eyes
And see you staring back

You're all I want

Hey what is that you see
Up ahead and facing me
There's colours all around
In our eyes and in the sounds
Track Name: mattir - When You're Sober (feat. A Problem Like Maria)
Just a phase, just something to regret
Sometimes I wish that we had never met
Too good to be true, too true to be good
I said you'd never hurt me, but you knew you would

And I get it, get it and I'm glad it's over
Don't you get it, get it? Talk to me when you're sober

You keep calling, calling, calling
Calling me darling, darling, darling
You're used to me falling, falling for you
But it's not gonna work this time

Just a taste, just a foot in the door
Thought you were the whole world but there was more
Sick of being tired, tired of being sick
I should have seen that you were just a dick
Track Name: Snailhead - I Just Can't CTRL + F You
I love you more than Hibbert
When he scores on derby day
Sexy like my iPad
All the touching games we play
And I Just Can't CTRL + F you

I'll visit your location
You check in with foursquare
Dancing at the party
With your hands in the air
And I Just Can't CTRL + F you

Everything you do is so sublime
And I know that loving you is
quite the crime
Maybe baby we can spend some time
Because I just can't seem to get you out my mind

Everytime you blank me
I'll write a sad song
50 albums worth
But only 5 hours long

Try and find your myspace
But there's no profile page
See you have a bebo
And now I feel my age